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Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Miles

6 weeks ago, if you had told me I would run five miles (albeit slowly) I would have said you were crazy. However, I signed up with the YMCA 10K Training team and have followed the program to a t! Today I finished 5 miles without breaking down and walking. I have found a group of runners(joggers) who are at about the same pace as I am, and we click along together and talk about the week. The talking serves two purposes---moderates my breathing, and takes my mind off of the task at hand.
Each week I have begun to feel a slight twinge in my left knee at about the 3 mile mark. I have been able to finish and believe I will be able to finish the 10k, but it has been bothersome, usually hurting for about 24 hours.
I've lightened up on the weights while Im 10K trianing and I am down to 204 lbs. Feeling great!
Don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight!!

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