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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Full Body after starting the Couch to 5K-----Ouch to 5K

So my legs were a little sore this morning. Okay, maybe a touch more than a little sore. I've been doing cardio...plenty of time on the bike and elliptical and doing intervals. There is just something about running and me that don't agree, but I am going to stick with it just so I can know that I did! I have to confess, my knees were making some pretty strange sounds while walking down the steps this morning. I thought I was hearing rain on a tin roof,but realized it wasn't raining and we don't have a tin roof. It was strange little crackling sounds come from my lower body.

But, I was able to fit in a full body workout at about 2 today. Still trying to hit that sweet mid afternoon time where the gym is empty-even here in January. I did a good core routien with bridges and side bridges, cruches, superman's, leg lifts and back extension. I then switched to the big muscle groups. Squats (ouch---maybe I'll lay off those a bit on the day after running), bench, lat pulldown, row, upright row, curl, tricp pushdown. I did leave out leg curls and leg extensions out of respect for my poor legs :)

I finished with 10 "kettlebell get-ups." You lie flat on your back with a kettlebell sitting behind your head. You reach one hand up, grasp the kettlebell, lift it up directly over your so you are staring at it. Then go into a crunch/set up to your bottom. Keep the kettlebell pressed over your head and your eyes staring at it. Then just get up. Trust me, it's messy and ugly, but it hits just about every muscle in your body and leaves you totally exhausted. Give em a try next time out and hit 10 on each side.

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