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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After a long layoff, I want to tell you that I am continuing to transform and will have new pics up soon. Nothing crazy, I'm not yet Arnold Scharwzanegger or anything, but I am defenitely leaps and bounds beyond where I was. I actually wake up in the morning now, feeling like I've rested and feeling like I want to tear into my day. That wasn't always the case. A year ago, I was the master of the snooze button and would finally lose the grogginess after about 4 cups of coffee. It's so pleasant to get up and get going now. Three days of lifting, three days of running. I'm trying to burn fat, build a little muscle---without burning muscle. I'm not getting super big but my cholesterol numbers have improved and my blood pressure actually read quite low on my last appointment-- 104 over 68. How have you all been doing? Post and tell me---any my readers about your success, your setbacks, your dreams or nightmares. Best wishes.

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