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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Challenging Week

Ok friends, it was another one of those days. I was on the road from Central, VA to Fayetteville, NC and back. That has always been my downfall in the past---the busyness factor. In years past I would have stopped for coffee in the morning(grabbed a snack--something sugary), hit a McDonalds or Wendeys, stopped for a drink (grabbed a snack---something salty) get the idea. Basically Interstate 95 has historically been my nutritional wasteland. Not in 2011.

I packed a day of food so that I could stick with my six small meals over the course of the day. Egg and cheese on whole grain muffin for breakfast with a small V-8, mid-morning snack was almonds and a cheese stick, lunch was a chicken breast with fresh spinach, afternoon snack was 2 teaspoons of sugar free peanut butter and sunflower seeds, dinner was sirloin chunks with spinach, bell peppers and cheese. I wasn't craving junk all day as I would have in the past, and felt good about getting home and having only eaten good stuff all day.

To boot, I hit Gold's Gym in Mechanicsville, Va and ran throuhg a blistering paced full body workout. Great day, thanks to my friends and family for inspiration. Thanks to you all.

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