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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Journey

Happy 2011.  My name is Jonathan and I am from Central Virginia.  During 2010 something important, but crappy, happened.  I hit two 40's.   I turned 40 years old and I turned 40 inches around.  I've been around long enough to know that at 40, you don't get too many more chances to transform your body into something of which you can be proud so I've decided to take a run.  For added motivation, I've signed up for the Transformation Challenge offered by     I have also enlisted encouragement from my two awesome kids (11 and 9). 

I've decided to blog my journey in hopes of several things.... 1.  Blogging will encourage me to do the right thing, i.e. eat healthy foods and exercise, on  a regular basis,   2.  Blogging might introduce to folks (like you) who could provide me with information and/or motivation, and 3.   Blogging my help you learn from my ultimate success or failure.

If you are interested in a transformation, particularly if you are 40 or over, please join this journey.  I promise to work hard and to cherish your input. 

Happy New Year.  Here we GO!!

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