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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1-

Here we go---alarm went off at 5:00 a.m.  My first thoughts, "Man, Im sleepy.....and.....sleepy."   After a couple of minutes of thinking I could simply go back to sleep and work out in the afternoon it hit me!   I do that everytime and that is why Im 40 y/o and 40 i/a(inches around).

So I got my behind in gear and made an Eggbeaters omelet with broccoli and spinach.   Actually, it was outstanding.  Had it with a cup of coffee with skim milk.      It really served to get me going and I was off.   Out the front door, I had more thoughts, "Geeez, it's cold out here.....and cold."   Too late, I was off and on my way to transformation.

Gold's Gym awaited.....I hit a full body workout, one circuit all the way through and a couple minutes of rest with another circuit.    Squats (Smith Machine with 90lbs), dumbell benchpress, lat pulldown, shoulder press, upright row, leg curls, leg extension, arm curls (an exercise called 21's), and tricep pushdown with rope attachments.   I then did 10 kettlebell "get-ups".  If you are looking for a finishing touch to make sure you've washed every ounce of what you have in your body, hit some kettlebell "Get-ups".  Drop me a note if you want a description.

I left the gym feeling like Gold, really.   I'm excited to feel this way from now on and can only hope I feel as energized after workouts each time.  

The remainder of the day, foodwise, included a Myoplex light on the drive home from Gold's Gym, a mid-morning snack of low-fat yogurt with fresh blueberries, strawberries and rasberries, with protein powder and oats.     My lunch was a salad of three cups of spinach, chicken breast, broccolli, and light dressing.   My mid-afternoon snack was a bag full of sliced green and red bell peppers, some peanut butter, and a banana.   Dinner is still in the planning stages but I'll fill you in next time.

By the way----have you gotten your nerve up to try Greek Yogurt?    Very strong, but very good, and it hits you with 12 grams of protein for a small serving----packs a big punch.

Day 1 is a success.    Hang with me.   Tell me about your transformation too if you get the chance, I could use the motivation.

I'm at

Have a great Tuesday.  Off to watch the Orange Bowl with my daugther tonight. 

Basic stats:  218 lbs.      40 inch waist

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