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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ran and it was chilly

I think my ears froze and fell off at about 12 minutes out :) Did the Couch to 5K tonight---third time so I need to download the week 2 recording and be ready to step it up a bit. My left hip joint is hurting, particularly when Im at road level and need to hop up onto a curb. I'm hoping it'll dissappear as I move forward.

Food wise, I did good today. I'm still sticking with 6 small meals at about 2.5 hours apart and all with a protein source. I've tried to work in dairy through yogurt, Greek yogurt in particular because of the protein boost it gives you. It does have a strong taste that takes som egetting used to, but once you are used to it, the stuff is really great and keeps you feeling full.

My only food deterrent is the boredom of prepping the lunches. The hard part is packing enough food to eat small meals every few hours, but keep the packing small enough so that I don't have to use a Samsonite suitcae to carry it, but slowly Im getting a decent routine. Just got to keep it going!!

Hope everyone had a great Thursday. This weekend will be a HUGE challenge for me as we'll have the Super Bowl. I have historically had huge amounts of food on Super Bowl Sunday but I'll try to split the difference between eating smart, but enjoying the game and relatied fun.

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