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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you Phil

Thanks for seeing your shadow little man. I hope you are right and we'll soon be off to spring. Of course, it was 68 degrees in Central Virginia today so it made me want Spring to be here even more. It's hard to imagine our friends in the heartland and what they are going through.

It was a crazy evening. My plans were to come home, eat a whole wheat quesadilla, change and fire off to the gym. In the midst of changing clothes there was a knock at the door. You ever find yourself in that spot? Shirtless, dress pants and shoes still on, someone at your door. It sucks. Not to mention we have two little yorkie-poos who were going nuts. So I had a tactical decision to make----hope they leave or quickly put something on. I went with a zippered fleece pullover. There were two family friends at the door who found their way in and I was sitting there with a zippered pullover and nothing underneath. I felt like a mix between a 70's movie star and a cheap gigolo who never has any clients. You try to converse, but you just keep wondering-----do they know?? Awkward huh?
So, that blasted about 30 minutes of my gym time. I swalled the queso whole practically, changed super fast and was off to Gold's Gym Mechanicsville. I had run as part of the Couch to 5K last night so I did a little work with my legs but not much...I've still got to figure out how I can balance that out. I then did mostly upper body work with bench press, fly, lat pulldown, curl, tricep pushdown and then a brutal 15 minute not rest core finish. I was wiped out even though it was short.

I drove home with the window down and listening to tunes---80's rock of course--- just thinking about that little Rodent in Pennsylvania seeing his shadow. Thanks again Phil, you are the man.

Thanks everybody and have a Happy Thursday.

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