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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ok, so the scale finally budged!!

The WRONG way! Im up about 2 pounds to 212. I just stood there staring at the number and mumbling words that are not appropriate. If scales could talk, it would probably be calling me names too!

I did chest and triceps today. I've been supplementing with beta alanine after reading about it on Mens Health and It should act as a buffer and keep lactic acid from building up and causing the muscle burn that causes us to quit.

I must say that it seemed to help me crank out a few extra reps. It does give you a very odd tingly feeling, but everything I have been able to find about it says that it's okay and to be expected. It defenitely added an odd sensation to the workout. I'll drop a note now and then to keep you posted on whether it works.

If you've had any experience with it, feel free to share! Thanks. Have a great Thursday.

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