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Monday, January 30, 2012

10K Training- Week 2

Two miles on Saturday. Not bad. The rain, sleet and snow held off so it felt more inviting. This week calls for 2 miles tomorrow and 2.5 on Thursday, finishing with 3 on Saturday.

I'm hitting a shoe clinic on next Thursday. Seems I pronate, or roll my foot outwards. This clinic should size me up well and give me some good choices. If you know of any good stabilizing shoes, please drop a comment, it would be appreciated by me and any other running newbies who might be following.

I did my weight training this morning. My workout included squats and rear lunges, so my legs were pretty well cooked when done. I may have to evaluate the weights in conjunction with the running.

I'm at 208.1 this morning, so the needle has budged in the right direction. It must be the running.

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