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Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 miles down

The YMCA 10K training team was off and moving at 7:30 this morning. Pretty morning, sunny and about 35 degrees. It felt a little chilly heading out but that changed pretty quick.

If you've been following, you know that this guy isn't a runner in any way-shape-or form. This morning had me concerned because I hadn't run 3 miles in about 12 years. It wasn't pretty, but, I kept moving and never broke into a walk :) So that was a victory!!

Did a Men's Health Magazine workout yesterday that incorporated one handed flat dumbell bench presses. I thought one hand would make it easier, but, to the contrary. It actually puts you off balance and activates core/back muscles to keep balance while lifting with one hand. I felt beat at the end of the workout, and it was great. Give it a try and drop your thoughts here.

Take care everyone. Happy SuperBowl!!

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