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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahhhhhh Monday

I usually dread Mondays. I'm not sure if it has to do with the working out, or if I just got a great lucky night of sleep but I woke up with energy and headed to Gold's Gym, Mechanicsville.

I hit a full body workout, squats, lat pulldown, upright row, curls, tri pushdowns with rope attachment, leg curl, leg extension, seated calf, 5 core and finsihed with 10 kettle bell get ups. I walked out feeling like i could run through a wall. I'm just hoping I feel that way more often after my workouts. I had more energy and was more clear headed than I had been in years and it was still before 7 am.

Foodwise---- eggbeaters with turkey and bell peppers, mid-morning snack, greek yogurt with strawberries, lunch--spinach with chicken, peppers, sunflower seeds, and and orange, afternoon snack---sugar free peanut butter and a cheese stick, dinner---pork chop, green beans, evening snack--yogurt with mixed berries.

Had a meeting at Chruch tonight so it was literally one of those days where you run from the moment you wake up ---- all day looking forward to the crash and watching the National Championship game. It's here! Shew. Had it not been for that burst after the workout, dont' know if I'd had made it until now.

Have a great Tuesday.

PS --- Thinking of trying the LesMills Bodypump class at Gold's Gym---if anyone has any experience please leave me some wisdom---is it okay for a newbie, is it too hard just starting out....etc. etc.


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