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Friday, January 7, 2011

Back in Action

So here my "before" picture friends.   I'll drop a progress pic from time to time and then a 12 week pic as a point of reference.   I'll just say, not sure what the over/under is on whether I will be more fit, or just more skinny fat :)    So far so good though. 

I woke today feeling much better than yesterday.  Cheers.  Didn't sleep well so I did a mid-day workout versus the "crack-o-dawn" workout.  I knew that going early would result n a lazy workout and I didn't want to start that downward spiral, know what I mean? 

My ultimate goal is to feel better, be more fit, and have more energy.  I'm not going for the "bodybuilding show" physique thought I admire those with the discipline to do it.  I am amazed at some friends on who are amazingly disciplined and motivated.   Check out the site for some really great people who are helpful and motivational.  

I hit a new Gold's Gym location today in downtown/fan area of Richmond.  I had driven past it many times but never been in.   Great great site, in an older building.  It's been neatly renovated and has a ton of cool features.  Hit me at if I can answer any questions about it for you.  I hit a full body workout and finished with 15 minute cardio interval work.    Felt like a new man when I walked out so it was very very reassuring to go today and come out feeling so good.  It made me look forward to going back.

Thanks for reading.  Feel free to drop comments, ask questions, provide advice :)   Have a GREAT weekend.

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