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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tough Thursday

This was my rest day.....thank goodness.    I woke up with pain in a hip and shoulder....not muscle pain like I worked out too hard, but joint pain.   It's eased a bit as the day has worn on but Im hopeful it won't set me back.  Tomorrow it's time to lift again.

Foodwise today:

Breakfast-  Small V8, coffee with skim, eggbeaters omelet with grenn and red bell peppers, turkey

Mid-morning snack:   sugar free peanut butter, cheese stick

Lunch:   Chicken breast with spinach and cheese, low fat balsamic vin. dressing

Afternoon-    3 chicken wings (yep, I slipped up)

Dinner:  Potato soup with bacon bits

Evenng snack:  Yogurt, with bluberries and two scoops of protein powder.

Low-key day.   Keep the faith and good luck to my friends.  

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