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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back on Track!

Ok, after two days of frustration, I was back up and at em early today. Gold's Gym for a full body workout.....squats, bench, lat pulldown, upright row, leg curl, leg extension, tri pushdown with the rope attachment, bicep curl, five core exercises.

Food wise, I was back on track also.....breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and wholewheat muffin, mid-morning snack- greek yougurt with strawberries, lunch---salad with spinach, chicken breat, olive oil; mid-afternoon sanck- orange and a cheestick, dinner- french onion soup, evening snack, chicken wrapped around a cheesstick.

It felt so good to talk out of the gym this morning after two days off. The soreness is back a bit, but that is only encouragement to not let work force me to miss again. It feels great to back on track.

Anyone else trying to do this? Please chime in and let me know or drop a link to your blog and I'll be glad to add.

Later friends.

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