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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carbs are Killers

I've been doing really good with deciding on high quality slow digestion carbs----whole grains and such. This morning my family took its Sunday journey to Einsteins Brothers Bagels and I went for the bacon,egg, and cheese on whole wheat bagel thin....problem was, no whole wheat so i went with a plain. Huge mistake. I was shaky and starving withing 40 minutes and was off for the rest of the day. My food choices were solid and timing was right, but I felt junky all day.

This evening I went and did 20 hard minutes of cardio and tomorrow morning I'm going to try a new group class.

Just wanted to give my followers a heads up on the small amount of processed carbs and how they wrecked my day. The good thing is now I know how I used to feel all the time,what caused it, and why I don't ever want to go back.

Have a great week friends. Plan, prepare, and fight on.

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