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Thursday, January 20, 2011

LesMills Bodypump Class

Okay, so I have never been a "class" type the gym that is. I don't want to sound classless. I've just never had the nerve to jump into a class, particularly because I'm out of shape and have no rythym whatsoever. I read about the Bodypump class offered at Golds Gym (and others I think) and decided that it sounded more weights and less "step" so I decided it would be my first.

I went to the 4:25 class yesterday at the Gold's Gym in the Fan of Richmond. The class lasts for an hour and is instructor driven. You pick up your materials on the way in---- a mat, a step block, a barbell and weights. Not knowing what to expect I went light...THANK GOODNESS. I probably woulnd't have made it to the end had I ended up with the male ego thing going and loaded up.

Every body part---and some parts you aren't aware of, get a good workout and it's a great cardio workout. I felt like I had gone for a run with a bag of cement tied around me once we were finished. We finished with abs, push ups and stretching. Brutal, but awesome all at the same time.

Good news....down to 212.2. It keeps moving in the right direction and my pants fit differently, in a good sort of way. Good luck to my friends, drop me a note at and let me know what you are up to.

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