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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Championship Sunday

Okay, question. Help me out! How do you eat right on the same day that you have the NFL Championship games to see who goes to the bowl? We had so much good stuff lying around, that it was killing me not to just dig in and have a blast. But I held off for the most part and did well. The day started with egg and bacon on a wheat bread bagel thin. Early snack was Greek Yogurt with blueberries. Lunch was chickenbreat with spinach, cheese and balsamic vinegarette dressing. Dinner was a chicken breast with small pasta salad (bad move), broccoli, and green beans. Not bad for Championship Sunday, though not great by any means.

I hit a good hard 25 minute cardio interval workout at the Gold's Gym in Mechanicsvville.

Got my lunch ready for tomorrow but I must say, I'm feeling a little out of gas. I am trying to visualize when I'll hit the gym this week and no day looks great, so any motivation would be GREATLY appreciated.

Come on someone----be my first follower :) I'll owe ya for life.


  1. Okay, I'm your first commenter...LOL. You are genuine enough that it's kinda sweet. Good for you for taking charge of your health. But you really gotta hit the gym (or do something) EVERY day. Even walking for an hour. It has to be a priority -- even if you have to put other things aside. Your health is more important.

    Good luck to you -- keep going. You are on the right path.

  2. You are my first commenter Hero!!! Thank you. Knowing someone read this is enough motivation for me to get out in the cold to go do the right thing.

    What is your opinion on class workouts? i.e. I've done the Bodypump class - 1 hour full body, but light weights. Do I get enough benefit with light weights or should I look elsewhere? The class setting helps me keep it going for an hour without bailing. Thanks for any thoughts.


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