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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday- Starting week 4

Got up this morning to about 17 degrees in Central Virginia, but it's going to be a short lived cold snap. We'll be in the 50s tomorrow, crazy weather I tell ya. Food wise, I packed my lunch again. Let me tell you, an unintended benefit of trying to transform my body has been a much lower number of visits to the ATM to withdraw money for food. Though fresh health food costs more at the grocery store, I'm far to the good by way of not eating junk food and not spending 8 to 10 dollars a day on lunch. Today I did the egg beaters omelet withs spinach and peppers, mid-morning snack was Greek yogurt with strawberries and a scoop of whey (trust me-it grows on you, but roll with some strawberries or it's pretty hard corp), lunch was a salad with spinach, chicken breast, cheese, peppers and tomatos and vinagerette dressing. Mid-afternoon snack was two spoons of peanut butter and an orange. Dinner was a pork chop, mashed potatos and green beans (ok, I slipped here but who dosen't love a pork chop??)

I hit Gold's Gym in the Fan of Richmond at lunch time and did 25 minutes of interval cardio followed by about 40 minutes of weights----bench, squat, lat pulldown, tri pushdown, bicep curl, calf press, leg extension and leg curl. 15 minutes in the sauna before venturing out in the cold.

Big victory tonight----I was packing my lunch for tomorrow and my daughter (11 y/o) came in and packed her lunch with me----a salad, fruit, cheese stick. That is what it is allll about folks.

Thanks for wisdom/advice/info. that might help. Pictures of before, during and after will be coming soon (so cover your eyes).

Have a Terrific Tuesday.

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