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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fast Paced workout

Did O'Charley's with my family. My kids loooove the rolls (ok-me too). For the first time in forever, I didn't touch em. I could smell them and see them there in all their buttery glory. Carbs just screaming "eat me." But I held out and got a salad with Chicken Breast. Sorry little roll, no offense, but I've worked too hard.

After O'Charleys I sped to the Gold's Gym in Mechanicsville to hit a furiously paced 25 minute cardio interval and finished with some core work....crucnhes, bridge, side bridge, back extension and finished with the brutal kettlebell "get up". Google it and see, looks pretty simple but will leave you depleted.

full body tomorrow, trying to decide if I should hit another LesMills Bodyppump class. Whew! Any suggestions ?

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