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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Wednesday....well not so much.

After several weigh in's where I've been steadily losing weight, today I bumped up 1.4 lbs. Uggggggh. Wierdly enough, I felt bloated and messy before weighing in so I had a strange feel that I was heavier. Odd how you can be that in touch with your body, but of course, I'm always in touch with my body huh?

So how do i push through this barrier? This wall? This 1.4 lb disheartening blow to the gut (yep, the gut is still there, remember that is what started this whole deal)

Did an hour tonight at the gym, full body with squats, bench, biceps, triceps, leg extensions and curl, and some core work. It's cold and snowing again, but i'm feeling like I am at that point where I need to go out and actually jog/run. I need to mix it up and start the loss over again.

If you have any ideas, pointers, or motivators to help push me past this particular hold up, please take a moment to comment. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks friends.

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