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Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Mocha No More-ah

One of my biggest weight loss obstacles has been my love for coffee. Yep, coffee has almost no caloaries....but it didn't just stop at coffee. Nope, just as you suspected, I went straight to the hard stuff....blended coffee drinks! Don't freak out and stop reading, thinking I'm the Charlie Sheen of weight loss, hitting it hard for a bit and then jumping off the bandwagon and going straight for the mochas. Nope, part of writing this blog (and thanks to my friend John for being my second follower), is to keep me from falling back into those old habits.

I had fooled myself into thinking that if I ordered my Mocha with skim milk, and no whipped cream, that it was the equivalent of drinking sweet, frothy broccoli. But in reality, I had been dumping useless over the top calories into my body.

A story by Runner's World, and posted on Yahoo Health, that talks about shedding pounds, and right there in the list is my love for the blended coffee drink. Ahhhh, it hurt to read it, but it made me feel good for my decision to go back to straight coffee (or green tea). It's an interesting article, check it out and drop your thoughts here if you have a minute.

Have a great Friday folks. We have spring like weather here in Central Virginia, I'm hoping if finds you too.

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