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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Busy Saturday before Losing and Hour

Friends----hope you are having a great Saturday. Don't forget to move your clock up an hour. I know, it hurts to lose an hour of sleep but just think of how great it will feeel to get the extra daylight next :) I always feel like we have such a longer day when we get the extra hour of daylight.

I woke up and hit the gym this morning, focusing on legs. 20 minute intervals on the elliptical machine was followed by leg presses, leg extension, leg curls, single leg split squats with weights, and standing calf raises. I then hit a core workout, back extensions, and hit triceps and biceps just to round out and finish up.

Here is hoping that warmer weather and more daylight equates to more time and energy to workout. The good news---our neighborhood just announced the coming of a new YMCA here that will be part of the subdivision. It's set to open in November.

See you all soon.

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