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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Morton's Neuroma- Pain in the Foot

So after a couple of months of a layoff (from working out but not from eating right) I woke one morning and had a brutal affair just walking down the stairs....the balls of my feet were killing me. i then repeated that morning over and over for a few weeks before giving up and going to the Dr. An orthopedic doctor questioned me and told me he believed it was something called Morton's Neruroma, which looks to be an inflammed nerve that runs between two toes. Honestly, the way I felt I thought he was way off base, but it hurt so bad I was willing to try whatever he suggested. the suggestion and ultimate game plan was a cortizone shot through the top of each foot. You know it sucks when you are told that you'll get a shot in each foot and you look forward to it :) But I've got to say, within 15 minutes, I felt like a new person.

At two weeks, I am totally pain free and back into the gym. As such, I'll be writing again. Just to recapture where I am....presently I am at 208 lbs, 27.1% bf. Here we go! Wish me luck!

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