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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shoulders and Legs Yesterday = Sore Today

Hit shoulders and legs yesterday with what, at the time, felt light a simple workout but I bumped the weight up a bit to make it a challenge. Effectively, my calves feel like dried up play-doh today, like I'll bump into something and they will just crumble right off.

I did front shoulder dumbell raises followed quickly by side raises....three sets with the third to failure. Then I sat for some dumbell shoulder presses. By the third set of shoulder presses I felt the burn big time.

After about a minute breather and some water, I started with the legs and did leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses and finally standing calf raises. Afterward, I hit a core workout to finish off.

My weight remains stuck at the the the mystical 210.7. Not sure why, but Im cleaning the diet trying to push past that point.

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