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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoulders and Triceps today---need to step up cardio

Hit the gym today at about 2:00 in the afternoon, because of need rather than choice. You know what though? It was so nice and pleasantly quiet at the gym that it really made it nice. I had plenty of room to move around, the equipment was open and ready, and the distractions were minimal. So, I hit the ground running----or the treadmill running. 20 minutes total, I warmed up slowly for 5 then alternated between as hard as I could go for a minute and a jog for a minute, over the next 10. I then cooled down with 10. I did notice that my heart rate didn't drop a ton during the minute of jogging so I thin there is something to this HIIT idea of doing high intensity training.

After the treadmill I moved to the weights and did the following exercises, in this order....3 x 15 .

Barbell Benchpress
Incline Fly
Tricep Extensions
Bench Dips
Overhead cable tricep extensions

My triceps felt like they were going to pop off my arm and walk away on their own. It scares me to think of what they will feel like tomorrow morning, but Im betting that it takes me 14 minutes to get a shirt on :) I will let you know.

I need NEED NEED to hit 20 minutes of cardio in the mrning followed by core work. I've been neglecting that terribly as of late and Im sure that it's part of the plateau I mentioned on yesterday.

Hope everyone is well. Thank you for taking time to read! Let me know if there is anything you'd like to know.

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